Operation Mascarpone Day 3: Apricot Taleggio Crostata

Day 3 of what is turning out to be a 4 day series on Operation Mascarpone, is a bit more obscured, since it is contained within this amazing pastry crust. Truth be told, I got the recipe from Giada De Laurentiis. The night of the Alton Chocolate Sauce, I scanned around the Food Network programming and DVR'd a few shows just to see what was going on. I watched this episode more than a week or so ago, and couldn't wait to try it. It seemed to have all the elements of a good appetizer or dessert, sweet, salty and rich - so you don't want too much before moving on to a proper supper, or satisfyingly decadent to indulge a small wedge after a good meal. Paired with the correct dessert wine, I'm thinking this rustic tart could reach status-seeking potential.

While I have no motivation for a proper supper this evening, I had every motivation for making this crostata today. I spent a lovely
lunchtime hour(s) at the MATC Cuisine Dining room with Chef Malavenda, chatting excitedly over a leisurely lunch. Just being in the presence of so many cooks, heightened my need to rush home and bake something! (Though not before stopping to get some coffee and unbelievably beautiful yarn - which was an accident - at Alterra and Loop, respectively.) The MATC student-run dining room is a place I'll definitely go again, it has a weekly changing menu prepared by students, but it is best to call for reservations. They have a limited dining schedule, and operate during the fall and spring semesters.

Because I missed lunchtime
at home, I didn't really need to worry about getting dinner started, since the boys ate their lunches late - leaving me plenty of time to work up this easy dough in the food pro, and bake up this simple crostata. I bought the taleggio last week at Beans and Barley, in anticipation of this event. Just after 5, it came out of the oven, and though it was painful to wait, I let it set up for 10 minutes before slicing into it. I was surprised at how savory it was; the apricots took on a decidedly "unsweet" role, even with cinnamon and honey playing just beside. I think if I served this for dessert, I may drizzle with a bit of additional warmed honey (or, runny honey), or perhaps a little scoop of sweetened whipped cream or sweetened creme fraiche. The mascarpone lent a softness to t he crust, that I completely loved... I'll make this crust again in other applications for sure.

I now have a lonely 3 or 4 tables
poons left of that mascarpone cheese. Just enough to incite a Day 4 of imagination. As of 7 p.m., I have no idea yet what to use it for, so let me know if there is something I can't overlook!